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Pastramized Beef

Category: Beef

By: Unknown

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6 lb Beef brisket
1/2 c Salt
1 ts Saltpeter
4 tb Black pepper; freshly ground
2 tb Brown sugar; firmly packed
3 tb Mixed whole pickling spice
3 ts Ginger; ground
Mix the Salt, Saltpeter, spices and Sugar together and then rub into the
Beef forcing it into the meat. Set into a pan, cover closely, and put into
the refrigerator or a very cool place. Turn every few days for 3 weeks,
then smoke over a barbecue pit or in a smokehouse -- over very low heat for
4 hours. It will keep well for some time in a cool place. To prepare,
cover with cold Water and cook until tender. The length of cooking time
depends on how long it was smoked. A large goose may be also treated this
way to make a delicious treat.


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