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Alabama Baked Red Snapper

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•1 ea red snapper whole 3-lb.1 ea garlic clove minced1 ts salt1/2 ts pepper1/2 ts brown sugar1/4 ts thyme dried & crumbled1 lg bay leaf5 tb bacon grease1 tb lemon juice fresh or lime2 ea onions med. chopped4 ea celery ribs sliced thin1/2 lg green pepper chopped small2 tb parsley chopped1 tb dill fresh chopped1/2 cup green onions, chopped, green tops only2 cups stewed tomatoes, chopped1/4 tb Worcestershire sauce


Remove head & tail then clean fish, place fish in buttered baking dish. Mix in a small bowl the salt, pepper, garlic, bacon fat & lemon juice. Rub this mixture in & on the fish inside & out with this mixture. Cover then refrigerate for 1-hr. Add all other ingredients except the scallions & dill. Place in pre-heated 375-deg F oven & bake for 1-hr. or until fish becomes flakey. Sprinkle with the dill and scallions and serve.