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Anns Pickled Fish

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Fillet fish and cut in bite size pieces.sliced onionsSoaking Brine:3/4 C. salt1/2 gallon waterBRINE:2 C. vinegar1/2 C. sugar1/2 C. white wine (dry)1/4 C. lemon juice2 bay leaves1/2 tsp. whole black peppercorn1/2 tsp. whole allspice2 tsp. mustard4 whole cloves


Soaking Brine:
Soak in brine of 3/4 cup salt and 1/2 gallon water, cover and stand 48 hours (2 days). Then wash and drain.
Boil for 3 minutes. Cool real well. Pour over fish and sliced onions. Put in refrigerator. Can be used in 5 days. Can use small northerns.