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Bacon Tomato Gruyere Omelet

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2 tsp clarified butter1 oz cooked bacon – (1 1/2 slices) cut 1/2″ pieces3 x eggs1 oz grated Gruyere cheese – (1/4 cup)(don’t pack it down!)1 oz plum tomato – (1/2 small) seeded, andcut into 1/4″ cubes


After the butter is good and hot in the pan, scatter in the bacon. Shake the pan once to make sure the bacon is not sticking. Now pour in the beaten eggs. Tilt and pull a couple of times and sprinkle in the cheese, keeping it well in the eggs. Pull a couple more times to cook to desired doneness. Scatter in the tomato pieces, avoiding the edge of the pan.

Immediately (almost!) depan the omelette, flipping it into a half circle on your warmed plate. The tomatoes will be sufficiently warmed being folded into the omelet at the end of the process and shouldn’t be cooked so much as to release their water. Water in the pan will cause sticking.

This recipe yields 1 serving.