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California Roll (Hand-Wrapped Sushi)

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2 cup Short grain rice2 oz Fresh ginger root1 tbl Sugar4 tbl Rice vinegar1/4 tsp Salt1 tbl Powdered Wasabi(Japanese green Horseradish)1 x Lemon or lime1 x 3″ piece of konbu-dried kelp2 cup Water2 tbl Sake or dry white wine3 tbl Sugar5 tbl Rice vinegar1 1/2 tsp Salt3 x Eggs2 tsp Sugar1/2 tsp Mirin (Sweet rice wine)1 dsh Salt1 1/2 tsp Vegetable oil8 med Sized shrimp1 sm Japanese cucumber or English4 oz Fresh raw tuna4 oz Fresh raw sea bream filet4 oz Smoked salmon2 oz Salmon roe8 sht toasted nori(dried laver or seaweed)2 tbl Kikoman soy sauce


1. Rinse rice until water is almost clear; drain in colander 1 hour.

2.Meanwhile, peel ginger and cut into paper-thin slices. Soak in boiling water for few seconds, drain. Combine 1 tb sugar, 4 tb vinegar and 1/4 ts salt; add ginger and let stand 30 minutes. This is for rice after soaking.

Blend wasabi with 1 ts water in a small bowl; turn upside down to enhance flavor. Cut lemon or lime in wedges; set aside.

3. Wipe konbu with a damp cloth, being careful not to wipe off white substance; cut crosswise into 4 pieces. Combine rice, 2 cups water,konbu and sake in rice cooker pot; cook according to manufacturer’s directions.

Remove kombu just before water boils. (If rice cooker is not available, combine above first four ingredients, not wasabi or lemons, in a large stainless or iron saucepan with tight fitting lid. Cover pan; bring to boil over high heat. Just before water boils, remove konbu. Reduce heat to low; simmer 15 minutes. Remove from heat; let stand 10 minutes.) Mix rice with large wooden spoon or spatula using folding motion to seperate kernels.

Insert dry towel under lid to absorb moisture; let stand 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, combine 3 tbsp. sugar, 5 tbsp. vinegar and 1-1/2 tsp salt. Turn rice out into large non-metal bowl, separating kernels. Pour vinegar mixture evenly over rice; gently but thoroughly fold in to combine. Cover bowl with damp towel until ready to use.

4. Mix eggs lightly with 2 tsp. sugar, mirin and dash of salt. Heat oil in skillet; pour in egg mixture to evenly cover the bottom of pan. Cool until set. Turn out onto cutting surface; cool; Cut into strips 3 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. 5. Peel and devein shrimp, leaving tail on. Thread toothpick or skewer from head to tail of each shrimp to prevent curling. Cook 1 to 2 minutes in small amount of boiling water mixed with a dash of salt and sake. Drain. When almost cool remove skewers.

6. Cut cucumber, tuna, sea bream, and salmon into strips simular to egg strips. 7. Cut toasted nori into quarters. (To toast nori, hold rougher side 2 or 3 inches from medium heat over range element until crispy, glossy and lighter in color.) 8. Arrange seafood, eggs, cucumber, ginger, wasabi and lemon wedges on large platter, Turn rice out into serving bowl with 1 or 2 small wooden spoons or spatulas. Place Nori in basket. Serve with soy sauce and explain below. Put about 1 tbsp. of sushi rice on sheet of nori, add ingredients and condiments of choice and wrap in nori. Hold wrapped sushi in hand and dip into soy sauce and eat.