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Deep Fried Bluegill Or Crappie

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Fish fillets (1/2 inch thick)3/4 C. milk1 egg2 tsp. salt1 tsp. pepper1 C. flour1 C. cracker crumbs1/2 C. corn flake crumbs


Put milk, egg, salt and pepper in blender, turn on low speed to combine. Slowly add flour and blend until batter is smooth. Pour batter into a bowl. Combine cracker and corn flake crumbs in a separate bowl. Rinse fillets in cold water, drain, pat dry with paper towels. Dip fillets in batter, coat with crumbs. Deep fry at 370-375 degrees until fillets are floating and golden brown (3 or 4 minutes). Do not over load cooker. Turn fillets a couple of times as they rise to the top. Remove to a rack to drain. Place on paper towels in a single layer.