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1kl Ground Pork with fatCuring Mix:1 T and 1/2 t refined salt1/2 tsp curing salt1 tsp phosphate-Dissolved in 1/4 chilled waterExtenders:1/2 cup TVP1 tbsp isolate1 1/2 tsp carageenan-Dissolved in 1/4 cup chilled waterSeasonings :1 pc onion1 pc carrot1 pc bell pepper2 T pickle relish4 T powdered milk1 pc chorizo bilbao4 pcs Vienna Sausage1/4 cup bread crumbs3 t meat enhancer2 t ground black pepper1/2 t MSG1/4 bar cheese3 T sugar150 ml tomato catsupor 1 sm tetra pack1/2 cup raisin1 pc egg(raw)Extras:Aluminum foilButter


1. Dissolve TVP
2. Combine isolate and carageenan. Mix and set aside.
3. Dissolve curry mix
4. Combine meat and curing mix, add extenders, blend well.
5. Add remaining ingredients
6. Wrap in aluminum foil
7. Steam for 1 hr. Serve with catsup.