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250 g glutininous rice (sweet rice) flour6 saba (or plantain), sliced1 can coconut milk250 g ripe langka (jackfruit) (canned will do)6 pandan leaves (optional) (1 tsp vanilla will substitute)200 g cooked sago pearls225 g camote (sweet potato), cubed300 g white sugar225 gabi (taro root), cubed1 can coconut cream other ingredients (e.g. root crops) may be used


Combine rice flour with 250 ml water and form into small balls.
Place the coconut mil in a casserole and bring to a boil, then add the sago, sweet potato, taro and other root crops you may have. Cook for 5 minutes, then add the banana, jackfruit and rice balls. Continue to cook over moderate heat until all the rice balls float to the surface.
Stir in sugar and coconut crea, then transfer to a serving bowl.