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Orange-cashew Chicken Salad

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1 lg Navel orange2 c Diced cooked chicken orTurkey1 6-oz pkg frozen pea pods,Thawed, halved if desired1 Small red bell pepper strips1/3 c Thin sliced red onion(rings)1/3 c Pace Picante Sauce1/4 c Orange marmalade1 tb Soy sauce2 ts Finely shredded fresh gingeLettuce leaves1/3 c Cashew halves or coarselyChopped cashews


Peel and separate orange into sections; cut each section in half. In
large bowl, combine orange, chicken, pea pods, red pepper and onion
rings. In small bowl combine Pace Picante Sauce, marmalade, soy sauce
and ginger; mix well. Toss with chicken mixture. Chill. Line
serving plate with lettuce; top with chicken mixture. Sprinkle with
cashews and serve with additional Pace Picante Sauce. Note: Two
cups fresh pea pods, blanched, may be substituted for frozen pea pods.