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Red Chile BBQ Sauce

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1 Bag (2-oz) New Mex dried chiles1 Bag (1-oz) dried Chipotles10 Sun dried tomatoes1 medium Onion3 Cloves garlic1/2 cup Chives – optional2 tsp Oregeno2 tsp Salt1 Bottle beer1 3/4 cup Cider vinager or white vinager1/2 cup Soy sauce1 cup Honey1 cup Amber malt x-tract (or pale)1 tsp Real-lemon lemon juice


This is a chile BBQ sauce that has the flavor and aroma of red New Mexican chilis and the slight smokey – hot flavor of chipotles. Honey and malt extract is used for sweet-n-stickyness and cider vinager is used to balance the sweetness.

Rehydrate all the dried chipotles, tomatoes, and chiles. Discard the seeds. Then add it to all the ingredients above the dotted line. Puree in a blender until the mixture is real smooth. Use some of the water from the rehydration in the blender to do this.

Mix the puree and the remaining ingredients in an adequate pot. Boil for about 5 minutes then reduce heat to a simmer. The sauce is done when it clings nicely to a spoon or spatula without running off. Makes 3-4 10oz bottles. Keep refrigerated.

This sauce tastes great on chicken breast, steak, or any other BBQ food.